D2 Air Suspension

Air Bags, or Air Suspension system is famous on the VIP, Stance community. This system allows you to adjust the high of your car depending on your wishes. You can enjoy your car while driving with a reasonable high, and slam it as much as you want on a parking spot. Perfect for show cars also use as daily. With this bags system you are now able to enjoy your car on the road and keep the look you like.

Air suspension systems essentially replace a vehicle’s coil springs with air springs. The air springs are simply tough rubber and plastic bags inflated to a certain pressure and height to mimic the coil springs. But the similarities end there. By adding in an on-board air compressor, sensors and electronic controls, today’s air suspension systems provide several advantages over all-metal, conventional springs, including near-instant tuning, and the ability to adapt handling to different situations and vary load capability.

Our kits are design with shocks which are damping adjustable and pneumatic system also known as air ride suspension.
D2 Racing air suspension will give you the opportunity to enjoy comfortable driving by changing the air pressure to raise your car when you need it. Who said you could not have both, look and comfort, D2 Bags are the solution!

D2 air suspension types


Below we explain the diffrences between air suspension types:

  • Basic: ride height adjustable (no control box, only pressure switch)
  • Deluxe: ride height adjustable, come with remote (can use either pressure switch or remote to adjust the ride height)
  • Super Professional: ride height adjustable, come with memory function remote, (4-wheel independent) so you can adjust the ride height each one individually
  • Gold: ride height adjustable, come with memory function remote, (4-wheel independent) so you can adjust the ride height each one individually, and come with height sensor, which used to adjust to desired ride height accurately.


To put it simply: incredibly reliable! The reliability of air suspension is highly dependent on the quality of the installation, just like any car modification. If you rush your install, or cut corners to “get the job” done this may come back to bite you. Truth be told, a carefully installed and well maintained air ride setup will last as long as any other aftermarket suspension. The bags themselves will outlive the life of the vehicle. If you won’t be installing your air suspension yourself, be sure to bring your vehicle and air ride components to a qualified and air ride experienced shop!

Absolutely! We do recommend a few steps of preventative maintenance during the winter months to ensure the cold doesn’t adversely affect any air ride components. First off, always add about two caps of air brake antifreeze to our air tanks as soon as the temperature starts to drop around freezing at night. This helps prevent condensation from freezing inside air lines, valves, fittings and otherwise clogging up the system. Furthermore, tend to empty your tanks and water traps more frequently during the colder months – typically once a month.

Air ride doesn’t call for much in regards to maintenance. We recommend emptying your air tank every couple of months, and if you have water trap(s) in your system we recommend draining those at least once a month. Both of these procedures are recommended to drain any moisture from the system, making both of these procedures less mandatory in dry climates. We find that it is convenient to drain water traps while you’re filling up your gas tank, and helps keep you in the habit.